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Sherlock Holmes & the West End Horror (Feb 28 7 pm)

Director Karam Yousif says “my vision for Sherlock Holmes & the West End Horror is one of humour and intrigue. Sherlock and Watson will be presented in the traditional sense. Special appearances of some of history's most cherished minds and figures, such as Oscar Wilde, Sir Henry Irving, George Bernard Shaw and many more, promises to make this production both entertaining and gripping.”

Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror is a full length mystery/comedy.  Synopsis:  “A despicable theatre critic been murdered, and Holmes and Watson are soon visited by George Bernard Shaw, an aspiring Irish playwright who entices Holmes to take the case.  As they cross swords with the most famous literary luminaries of the day – Oscar Wilde, Gilbert & Sullivan, Henry Irving, Bram Stoker and a young H.G. Wells, Holmes and Watson come face to face with their own celebrity as they pursue the killer in this rollickingly funny whodunit!  All Sherlockians should get a kick out of this!”
“Sherlock Holmes” is one of four full-scale productions being undertaken during act OUT’s 19th season in Waterloo Region. “It’s A Wonderful Life” already took the stage in early December. This season’s spring productions are still accepting registrations, “The Three Musketeers.” Disney's Mulan Jr.”  with junior production “Disney’s Jungle Book Kids”  will follow “Sherlock Holmes” in May.

Public show tickets available online through; or at the door (cash only).  More info