Financial Hardship Assistance Information



The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for families experiencing financial hardship to help ensure every child/youth can participate equally.


ActOUT! understands that our community, families, households and individuals may suffer financial difficulty from time to time. Financial hardship can present challenges to meeting primary needs, much less discretionary activities. ActOUT! acknowledges the role of theatre/drama in the personal, physical and emotional development of a child/youth. It is the philosophy of actOUT! that no child/youth should be turned away from recreational activities due to cost or affordability.

ActOUT! works hard to manage the expenses of the organization in order to deliver a quality program at a reasonable cost. Although we manage our funds such that the collected programme fees largely fund our programmes, actOUT! will consider various forms of payment arrangements to ensure that all children and youth can participate.


To be considered for Financial Hardship Assistance, the parent or guardian of the child/youth must submit a request (by form, letter or email) to the Chair of actOUT! KW (

The financial hardship request will be kept confidential. Only the members of the actOUT! KW Board will have knowledge of the request.

The letter should include the following:

  • Child’s name, age and grade at school (in order to qualify for financial hardship assistance the child/youth must be aged 17 or less at the time of application)

  • Parent/Guardian’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address

  • Reason for the request, including declaration of family income.

  • Programmes considered for enrollment

  • Proposed payment plan, if any. (e.g. amount of fee assistance requested

Upon receipt of the letter (or form), the Chair will review with the actOUT! KW Board members. The Board will vote to approve, modify or deny the request. An official quorum of the board must be present to decide a hardship request.

The Chair will communicate the decision and any related payment plan by letter or email to the Applicant.

The Applicant shall make payment, if any, as stipulated in the decision letter, to actOUT! KW via cash or cheque or online.

Limitation on Financial Assistance

Financial hardship assistance is only available to children/youth aged 17 or under at the time of application. All approved Financial Hardship Arrangements will expire at the end of each production or workshop. Financial Hardship Arrangement recipients should expect to pay a minimum of $50 per workshop or production.

The participant must consistently attend rehearsals. Each production requires a Family Commitment to assist with sets, props, costumes and show week. Ability to attend most rehearsals and all of show week is a must before committing to a production.

The decision to offer Financial Hardship Assistance is solely at the discretion of the actOUT! KW Board.