Tickets for our productions

Hi All;


I have added tickets to Ticketscene.  Todd, can you please confirm dates, times and that I have listed the proper casts before an announcement is made.


Peter Pan – out of 750 seats available for school shows, we have 418 seats available.  We have bookings in all time slots except for the Friday school show.  Please remind actors to invite their teachers.


B&TB and Alice


I am concerned about the lack of bookings here.  Out of 1100 school show seats (220 x 5), we only have 465 reserved.  Four schools have booked, and I don’t think any of them have an actor in the show.  No teachers have contacted me from Alice.  Two shows have no bookings.  Did Alice parents get a letter to send to teachers?  I had one teacher cancel the Wednesday afternoon show stating she could not get a bus.


Todd, I recommend having Communications send a listing out for all shows/parents including:


·         Dates and times each cast is performing

·         Reminder for parents/actors to speak with teachers regarding the performances and include a line that the actors are disappointed when there is no one in the audience for a school show to hopefully encourage families contacting teachers.

·         Tickets are available for order or Ticket Scene or via

·         Possibly if one email is sent to all three groups, it may encourage Peter Pan families to buy tickets for Beauty, etc


Note: Friday June 9th, the B&TB and Alice are performing at 12:30 pm not early morning.


For the Peter Pan school show, I recommend we leave it open (9:30 or 12:30) for a booking.