What is Scene it On Stage?

Scene it on Stage is actOUT!’s yearly March Break Camp for 5-12  year olds. 

The main feature of the Scene it on Stage March Break Camp is using skits and scenes from famous/popular/favourite movies and over the week transforming them to live theatrical performances. Now in our tenth year Scene it on Stage X registration will open in fall 2018.

We explore many of the skill builders, drama games and workshops we use in our other programs but jam them all into a week packed full of fantastic fun!  

Theatre is an exciting way to help children discover themselves, develop a set of  life skills and gain confidence that will serve them for many years. All done while losing themselves in dramatic adventure, playful storytelling and joyful team building!  

Space is limited to twelve (12) participants in each age group of  5-7, 8-9,10-12 years.

Scene it on Stage X

Dates: March 11th -March 15th, 2019

Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Location: T.B.A. 

Sign up for Scene it on Stage X

Come join us for the ninth year of Scene it on Stage and see it on stage as we scene it on stage!


$240.00/week per student. (A sibling discount applies, please contact actOUT!’s office for information)
Before or After care  8:00am-8:30am/4:30-5:00pm  $10/week
Before and After Care $15/week

*Cost may be subject to change

 Click the button above and register for  Scene it on Stage Registration to open in Fall 2018

Click the button above and register for Scene it on Stage
Registration to open in Fall 2018

Scene it on Stage X Camp Schedule, March 2019

(may be subject to change)

Our goal is to provide your child(ren) with multiple opportunities to learn new concepts, develop new friendships and encourage personal growth in the area of theatrical arts. 

Our main focus will be re-creating age appropriate favourite/famous/fun movie skits and bring them to life through a live performance on Friday.

Monday March 11, Day One

Meet-Me Monday!

Let’s get to know each other through fun, play and games.

  • 8:30am     Arrival and arrival games
  • 8:45am     Program introduction - Who we are, what we do, what we will do
  • 9:00am     Camper introductions - Introduction games
  • 9:30am     Get to know you games
  • 10:00am   Get into groups by age
  • 10:20am   Morning break
  • 10:30am   Watch DVD & theatre games, scripts, vocal practice, movement work, etc.
  • 12:00pm   Lunch
  • 12.30pm   Return to groups/practice & start any required props/crafts
  • 1.30pm     Improv 101
  • 2:00pm    Afternoon break
  • 2:15pm    Watch DVD in groups/take notes/practice
  • 3.30pm    Theatre activities in characterization, vocal practice, movement work, etc
  • 3:45pm    Bring all groups together for large theatre game
  • 4:15pm    Reflection time
  • 4:30pm    Pick-ups

Tuesday March 12, Day Two

Talkative Tuesday!

Let’s get our voice instruments ready for the theatre work ahead of us.

  • 8:30am     Arrival and arrival games
  • 8:45am     Vocal warm-ups
  • 9:15am     Vocal and movement warm-ups/games in groups
  • 9:30am     Review work and tasks so far
  • 10:00am   Watch DVD in groups/rehearse skits/character cricles
  • 10:45am   Morning break
  • 11:00am   Improv 101 continued
  • 11:30am   Friendly Competition! The Scene it on Stage Star! - Sing? dance? Tell jokes? We need you all!
  • 12:00pm   Lunch
  • 12:30pm   Watch DVD/rehearse as needed/theatre games
  • 1:30pm     Who wants to show off? Show us what you’ve got!
  • 2:00pm     Afternoon break
  • 3:00pm     Understanding movement on stage. Discuss movement, body language, mannerisms and stances for stage characters
  • 3:30pm     What is the difference between stage acting and film acting?
  • 3:45pm     Bring all groups together for large theatre game
  • 4:15pm     Reflection time
  • 4:30pm     Pick-ups

Wednesday Mach 13, Day Three

Wacky Wednesday!

Come as your favourite actor, character or with fun costume and hairdo!

  • 8:30am     Arrival and arrival games
  • 8:45am     Movement warm-ups and movement games
  • 9:00am     Vocal warm-ups and vocal games
  • 9:15am     Warm-ups/games/discuss homework/costume parade
  • 9:30am     Get into groups watch DVD/practice / theatre activities and games
  • 10:45am   Morning snack
  • 11:00am   Character work / singing / crafts / prop construction
  • 12:00pm   Lunch
  • 12.30pm   Watch DVD/rehearse/ perform for each other
  • 2:15pm     Afternoon snack
  • 2.30pm     Let the games begin!
  • 3.15pm     Share performances with other age groups - homework in action!
  • 3:45pm     Clean up & review theatre etiquette
  • 4:00pm     Bring all groups together for large theatre game
  • 4:15pm     Reflection time
  • 4:30pm     Pick-ups

Thursday March 14, Day Four

Theatrical Thursday!

Learn about theatre and theatres with field trip to a local theatre.

  • 8:30am     Arrival and arrival games
  • 8:45am     Movement warm-ups and movement games
  • 9:00am     Vocal warm-ups and vocal games
  • 9:10am     Arrive no later than 9:10am as we'll be getting ready for the bus trip
  • 9:15am     Pack up, quick snack and get ready to aboard the bus
  • 9:30am     Bus leaves promptly to tour theatre
  • 11:20am   Bus leaves theatre
  • 11:45am   Back for lunch
  • 12:30pm   Warmup & games
  • 12:50pm   Rehearse show in order
  • 2:00pm     Afternoon snack
  • 2:15 pm    Last minute touches to shows, crafts, props, costumes, etc.
  • 3:00 pm    Theatre games and favourite activities & camp songs
  • 4:00 pm    Bring all groups together for large theatre game
  • 4:15 pm    Reflection time
  • 4:30pm     Pick-ups

Friday March 15, Day Five

Fantastic Friday!

A day of preparation, pizza and performance!

  • 8:30am     Arrival and arrival games (Bring donations for the cast party! Yum! Thank you!)
  • 8:45am     Movement warm-ups and movement games
  • 9:00am     Vocal warm-ups and vocal games
  • 9:15am      Warm ups & theatre games
  • 9:30am      Set up and run first dress rehearsal - get notes
  • 10:20am    Morning snack
  • 10:30am    Second dress rehearsal - final touches - final notes
  • 11:15am    Campers choice theatre activities
  • 12:00pm    Pizza Lunch and Cast Party
  • 1:30pm      Games / practice with dress rehearsal
  • 2:30pm      Focused activity / quiet time / snack if needed
  • 3.:00pm     Parents start to arrive - Thank you for bringing change for our Collect Change to help Make a Change Program - funds will be directed to a Waterloo Region Charity - thank you in advance for your support!
  • 3:15pm      Let the show begin! 
  • 4:30pm     Take a bow, listen to the applause and be proud of all your hard work!

Safety First

At actOUT! we believe in fun and games, but never without a thought to safety. Our program is designed with safety and security of the children in our care in mind. All games and activities are age appropriate and designed with the assurance of safe practices. Nobody wants drama with their drama.

All of actOUT!'s program staff, instructors, leaders and volunteers must go through rigorous checks and training including a Police Vulnerable Sector Safety Check.

ActOUT's instructors and staff are all regularly certified in first aid.

Things to bring daily: 

  • An enthusiastic self and creative mind
  • Nut-free lunch/snacks
  • Water bottles
  • Comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement
  • Clean indoor footwear/dance shoes (no outdoor, flip flops, boots or slip on shoes please). Please, label all belongings to avoid mix ups.

Please leave toys, electronic equipment, trading cards and other valuable items at home, actOUT! is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items.

Program Rules

Program rules will be clearly outlined to the participants and they also get an opportunity to share what will help them have a great week with us but these rules always apply:

  1. Touch only what belongs to you.
  2. Do not stray from group
  3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
  4. Speak nicely to others. Respect leaders, volunteers and other campers
  5. Listen to your leaders.
  6. Always ask to go to the washroom.

ActOUT! has consistent consequences and a Behaviour Checklist Form that will be filled in for any camper that does not contribute to the well being of the group. This form is used when needed to keep parents/guardians informed of instances when your child has received a consequence for inappropriate behaviour. Your support is appreciated by having a follow up conversation with your child. Confidentiality is vitally important to actOUT! and instructors and leaders are instructed to keep forms in a secure location and are not to share information with anyone outside the program setting.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Scene it on Stage X in March 2019!
— Todd Vercoe, actOUT! Artistic Director

 Believe... Belong... Become

Believe... Belong... Become