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2014-15 Season

Monday classes begin Sept 29th

Tuesday classes begin Sept 30th

Wednesday classes begin Oct 15

Junior Production begins Oct 19

Fall Production begins Sept 20


Creative Drama 6-8 years  6:00-6:45 pm
An action-packed course aimed to stimulate these young spirits.  Children will further develop their skills in speech arts, through basic dramatic play, improvisation, storytelling, and imagination by using theatre games, stories, self-expression and props.  Using the imagination to its fullest is the key to this class.  The instructor will gently nurture the shy child and join in with the excited child and bring them together in a small informal final presentation mid May.   

Creative Drama 9-11 years 6:45-7:30 pm
This course will produce a level-appropriate script/small production, written and performed by the children themselves.  Emphasis on freedom of creativity and imagination. Participants will further develop their skills in speech arts, characterization & accent explorations, improvisation, storytelling, and imagination by using theatre games, stories, possibly music, self-expression and props.  The instructor will gently nurture all participants and bring them together in a small informal final presentation in May.  

 Creative Drama 12-14 years 7:45-8:30 pm
This course will produce an age level-appropriate script/small production, written and performed by the children themselves.  Emphasis on freedom of creativity and imagination. Participants will further develop their skills in speech arts, characterization & accent explorations, improvisation, storytelling, and imagination by using theatre games, stories, possibly music, self-expression and props.  The instructor will gently nurture all participants and bring them together in a small informal final presentation in May.  

Improvisation & Creative Drama 15-17 years 8:30-9:15 pm
If you love Stand up Comedy, Kid’s in the Hall, and Second City this is the course for you! Learn about life long skills of thinking on your feet, good articulation, creative and critical thinking skills on top of enjoying a good laugh!  

(Enrolment for all classes  via registration, no auditions or pre-requisites)
Rehearsals:  Mondays with Nara at 65 Noecker St. Waterloo
Sept 2014-May  2015
Enrollment cap 12 participants per class


DRAMA BASICS 3.5-5 years Tuesdays 5:30-6:15 pm
An excellent opportunity for your young child to join others to explore and experience their natural joy of using creativity, imagination and their bodies to explore the world around them.  Each week we cover one or more letters of the alphabet and learn our drama-related words all year long. Various forms of stories, folk tales, poems, songs, and plays will be explored through music, movement, props and imagination. At the end of the year each student receives their own drama book.  A low key, low cost presentation for participants will be held in Mid May.
(Enrol via registration, no audition or pre-requisite level)
Rehearsals:  Tuesdays @ St. Andrew’s Church (Queen/Weber).
Sept 2014-May  2015
Enrollment cap 10-12 participants


Finding The Full Character - A Course in Character Development:
11+ years Tuesdays 6:30-7:45 pm
In this course actors will fully explore a character through scene work and monologues. We will focus on character building through voice, movement, breath, choices, back story, and discussion. The class will primarily work with detailed text-analysis, as well as careful consideration of character motivation and priorities. We will work on scenes or short plays, and will conclude the course with a presentation of our carefully crafted characters in Mid-May.
(Enrol via registration, no audition or pre-requisite level)
Rehearsals:  Tuesdays @ St. Andrew’s Church (Queen/Weber).
Sept 2014-May  2015
Enrollment cap 12-15 participants



S.O.S. (Students on Stage) Youth Performance Company
Age Group: Grades 9-12 or by special permission
Audition/Interview held in mid-September & must be pre-booked.  Audition fee $10.00.  Enrollment based on a successful audition.  Full tuition applies if accepted.
Enrollment minimum & cap: 8-15 members 
Length of Program: September – May (Must commit for the entirety of the program; late-comers might be a possibility, depending on circumstances)
Rehearsal Time: Wednesdays 6-9 pm with the possibility of the addition of a second rehearsal in April if needed.  Rehearsals at 65 Noecker St.
What is S.O.S. Youth Performance Company?
S.O.S. is a group for committed, passionate young adults who are not only interested in acting, but in the entire process of creating and putting on a production. Over the course of nine months, S.O.S. members will co-write a full-length script, costume design, set design, market, and stage their own original show to be taken into schools with guidance from the program’s leaders. This is an opportunity to build a variety of skills, such as:
-    Script Writing
-    Monologue writing/delivery
-    Giving and receiving constructive feedback
-    Improvisation
-    Giving and receiving direction
-    Problem solving
-    Performance/Ensemble Work
-    Costume Design
-    Set Design (on a small scale)
-    Communication skills
-    Community involvement
-    Responsibility and accountability
-    Organization
Throughout the year, S.O.S. members will be encouraged to keep a notebook for brainstorming and mini-assignments during meetings, and as a log of their own progress (eg. Writing down feedback they receive from their peers). They will also have the opportunity to perform smaller scene-studies with other Act Out class groups, and potentially in public forums such as Waterloo Town Square and Waterloo Park. 
Because participants would be high school age, they would be eligible for eyeGO tickets – making it affordable for them to go see shows around KW in order to critique the performances, sets, costumes, etc., as well as find inspiration for their own production. These would not necessarily 
be mandatory, but would be a great way to get them out into the community and watching shows in order to broaden their patterns of thinking.
S.O.S.  is a chance for youth to not only be students of the mentors they come in contact with throughout the process, but to become leaders in their own right. It would be an excellent stepping stone from our senior intensive program, as well as a training opportunity for those interested in volunteering with Act Out in the future.


October-December (8 weeks)
February-April (8 weeks)

Schedule tbd
Want to explore dance but don’t have the time to commit to a full season studio? Learn some of the foundations with Mel, in these short term workshops while having a blast exploring movement.


Tra la la la! Ever get the urge to burst into song? Want to prepare for a singing audition or boost your confidence as a singer? Voice lessons could be your answer! Each lesson will focus on proper alignment, breathing and singing techniques to allow healthy vocal usage and avoid vocal fatigue. As well as offering tidbits to make your voice shine as best as it can! Get a chance to learn some musical numbers to help prepare you for future vocal auditions!  Classes run from Sept-May not including holiday weekends or show weeks!  Minimum of 4 week commitment is required.  Contact act OUT to find available booking times.



(Enrol via registration for the choir – NO AUDITIONS or pre-requisite level)

Junior 6-10 years from 6-7:30 pm  and 
Pre-Intermediate 11-14 years from 7-9 pm

Do you have a child/youth that wants to be part of a choir but isn’t confident enough to audition yet?  Or someone who just loves to sing and wants to be with others who love doing the same?  The Act Out Singers is a children's choral group for ages 6 to 14 that focuses on healthy vocal development and confident stage presence through the singing of fun choral music for young ages.  This program will include learning basic concepts of voice placement and resonance, diction, theory, musical context, and performance for the public.  This program is open to all who show enthusiasm and interest.  The choral selections will consist of children's music of different genres that are interacting and engaging for the performers.  Choirs are a great way to work as a team for a common goal and exercise your brain with music at the same time.  This is a great opportunity to be apart of a fun, and energetic ensemble! Our goal will be to perform at local community events like retirement homes, the market, Kitchener’s Mayor’s Levee Jan 2015, etc.  The choir participants are also invited and encouraged to participate in our year end presentation in May.

Rehearsals:  Wednesdays 65 Noecker St.
October 2014-May  2015
Enrollment minimum 8 per choir

12+ year olds
Do you have a child/youth that just can’t quit singing?  Bring them to our new Vocal Masterclass! Students will bring a piece of music to perform in front of the class and then Emily Van Veghel will work one-on-one to improve vocal technique, character development, musicality, and performance practices in a workshop setting.  All types of vocal performances welcome (Broadway, Classical, Pop) as well as differing experience levels. Take this opportunity to further your vocal performance abilities catered to you personally, as well as improving your comfort level performing for an audience. Participants will be encouraged to participate in our year end presentation in May.
(Enrol via registration for the master class – NO AUDITIONS or pre-requisite)
Rehearsals:  Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 pm at 65 Noecker St.
October 2014-May  2015
Enrollment minimum 6


act OUT productions are open to all levels (new & experienced) of actors.  Through a well developed mentoring style program we’re able to incorporate many skill levels into one show.  There is always something for everyone.  Our directorial team always encourages a positive & inclusive TEAM effort from the get go.  Our well structured & supervised rehearsal processes allows many hours of coaching / workshops to assist in the process, theatre education, performance & public speaking skill development & confidence which all builds on the journey towards our second to none quality final products.  Please note: Each Production requires a Family Commitment to assist with sets, props, costumes & show week.  Ability to attend most rehearsals is a must before committing to a production. For registered shows all enrolments will be cast until spaces are filled, previous experience not necessary.

DECEMBER 2014 - directed by Nara Farrell, choreography Deanne Bingleman
Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical comedy is the first “TV Special taped by the sisters in their convent basement studio for Cable Access.  It stars the nuns you love plus Father Virgil and some of Mt. Saint Helen’s most talented students.  It features all new songs including Twelve Days Prior to Christmas, Santa Ain’t Comin’ To Our House, We Three Kings of Orient Are Us, and It’s Better to Give than to Receive.  This show is filled with “Nunsense” humour, some of your favourite carols a “Secret Santa” and an uproarious take on Tchaikovskies Nutcracker Ballet.  Nuncrackers will make you laugh and maybe tug at your heart strings.  It’s the perfect way to insure your holiday season is merry and bright!
(Enrol via registration for this show)
Rehearsals:  Fridays 6-9;  Sundays 2-5 or 6 pm at 65 Noecker St. Waterloo
Sept-Dec 2014
Age groups 10-17 years
Enrollment minimum 20

Frankenstein(1 act) directed by Karam Yousif with A Dead Queen Tells No Lies (1 act) (play) directed by Joy Soltys

Adapted by Karam Yousif.  A scientist and master of modern science discovers the secret of life and creates a monster who vows revenge on his creator after being rejected from society.  Follow scientist Victor Frankenstein in this highly theatrical and emotional play as it traces Frankenstein’s path to the final confrontation with his intelligent, articulate, sensitive, and powerfully violent child. Followed by a new script written by Joy Soltys!  Have you ever wondered what would happen if you threw all of Henry VIII’s infamous wives into a room together? Well, wonder no longer. In A Dead Queen Tells No Lies, all six of these powerful and influential women attempt to work out some centuries-long grudges in a post-mortem therapy session.
(Auditions held in November 2014)
Rehearsals Fridays 6-9; Sundays 5-8 at 65 Noecker St. in Waterloo
Those who are cast rehearse Jan-Feb 2015
Age groups 13-17 years
Auditions are open to anyone in age range; Casting limited to 16-20

MAY 2015
OLIVER! (play) directed by Deanne Bingleman

This faithful adaptation of Charles Dickens' second novel is an exciting, fast-moving melodrama about the adventures of an orphan redeemed from a life of cruel poverty and crime by an act of unselfish courage. Filled with an atmosphere of mystery, its major characters Fagin, Bill Sikes, Mr. Bumble, Nancy, and the Artful Dodger are some of the most theatrically realized characters in all of literature.
(Enrol via registration for this show)
Rehearsals Fridays 6-9; Sundays 5-8 at 65 Noecker St. in Waterloo
February-May 2015
Age Groups 11-17 years
Enrollment limit minimum 20                                                     AND

DISNEY’S ALADDIN JR. directed by Joy Soltys, Choreography by Deanne Bingleman
Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment, where we're about to begin the fantastic tale of the street rat who became a prince! 

All of your favorite characters from the hit Disney film - Aladdin, Jasmine, Iago, Jafar, the Genie, and more - are here in  , a musical adventure filled with magic, mayhem, and flying carpet rides. An ensemble of townspeople, shop owners, harem girls, princes, and others make way for many staging opportunities!
Disney's ALADDIN JR. 's tuneful, accessible Academy award-winning score, with songs by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Tim Rice, including "A Whole New World" and "Friend Like Me," will send audiences soaring.
(Enrol via registration for this show)
Rehearsals Thursdays 6-9; Sundays 2-5 at 65 Noecker St. in Waterloo
February-May 2015
Age Groups 10-17 years
Enrollment limit minimum 24

DISNEY’S CINDERELLA KIDS (JUNIOR PRODUCTION) directed by Emily VanVeghel, choreography Deanne Bingleman
The timeless fairy tale becomes a new audience favorite in  , an adaptation of the treasured animated film geared toward young performers. Poor Cinderella is endlessly mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters and denied a chance to go to the royal ball. With a little help from her mice friends, and a lot of help from her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella’s dreams come true. She goes to the ball, meets the Prince, and falls in love! 

With a beautiful score, including "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and the classic "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo," Disney's CINDERELLA KIDS will charm its way into your heart, and remind you that dreams really can come true.
(Enrol via registration for this show)
Rehearsals Sundays 12-2 pm at 65 Noecker St. in Waterloo
September 2014-May 2015
Age Groups 6-10 years
Enrollment limited to 20  (see over for Jr. Production description)

A note about act OUT’s Junior Production
 Jr. Production is a class/production combination opportunity for students at any experience level, will give participants the opportunity to learn basic theatre skills such as spatial and body awareness, projection, expression and character creation. Students will work in groups and on their own, with an emphasis on cooperation, creativity and exploration. Activities will include tableau work, storytelling, mime and lots of games! This class will help build confidence, refine existing skills and teach new ones, and allow students to meet new friends. We are committed to providing your family with unforgettable memories that only live theatre can offer.  On stage and in our classroom, we will inspire wonder and excitement, and nurture and ignite imaginations.  The year-long program is open to all children 6-10 years of age, regardless of their previous experiences.  No auditions are required to register for the program.  At the end of the program you will see the results of their hard work, with a live theatre performance starring your child!  

CAMPS 2015
MARCH BREAK 2015 led by Nara Farrell

This will be our 6th memorable season of SCENE IT ON STAGE VI for 7-13 year olds where we in one short week will explore a variety of theatre based workshops while transform mini movie skits from some of your favourite (age appropriate) movies and recreating them as a live theatre performance for family & friends on Friday afternoon.  Are you ready to be transformed?

Exciting summer camps for 3.5-14 year olds.  Each week a different theme, a different entertaining script for actors and show for family & friends.  Dates announced January 2015.


ACT OUT’s Philosophy:  To offer great team opportunities for you to explore theatre arts by learning and performing in theatre arts for children/youth by children/youth while building life long skills & a positive self esteem.
Starting June 1st - www.actoutkw.com
Registrations are accepted on a first come basis until programming is full.
A completed registration form and at minimum a 20% non-refundable deposit must be paid to assure a spot is saved in our popular programs.  Remainder owing is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of a program.  NEW OR email Dee info@actoutkw.com to set up an E-Transfer payable to act OUT

For auditioned programs a completed registration form & $10.00 audition fee must be submitted to hold a spot.  Full tuition is due at the casting meet and greet.

For instalment options please connect with Dee.

Save time and enrol online through our new secure online option.
Registrations can also be printed off, completed and mailed or dropped off to the home office address at the top of the registration form.

Please do not inquire or try to register through our rehearsal locations as we only rent the spaces to run our programs.  Thank you.

Join a week night class and enrol in a production at the same time and save 10% off the classes tuition 

When a child and a sibling enrol you pay the full price for the first child and reduce tuition by 10% for the 2nd child;  15% for the 3rd child.  They must be enrolled in the same program & must be registered at the same time – valid all season.

Enrol in March Break & summer camp and each additional week you enrol you pay less per week!

Bring A Friend – that is NEW to act OUT (they can’t have previously been enrolled with us).  When they enrol and list you as the referring friend you will both receive a gift certificate for $20.00 off a future program.  Available all season – provided space is available. No cash value.

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Act OUT is a Registered Non-Profit Charitable tuition based Organization governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors.  ACT OUT offers quality programming & opportunities for your children/youth to explore their curiosity of the theatrical arts world in a safe, supportive POSITIVE environment – where kids/youth are #1.    Our programs run on a cost recovery basis.  

Students who participate in a strong theatre program build a broad base of theatre content, knowledge & skills.  They also learn and develop critical/creative thinking;  problem solving;  communication,  individual/collaborative planning;  historical/cultural sense;  self/social awareness;  research skills to name a few…..

Programs are available in various commitment levels to suit to your child’s needs, experiences and mom’s and dad’s time & financial ability.