Registered Productions

At actOUT! a registered production means we accept enrollment until a total number of performers are found or until casting rehearsals are complete.  

The acting company spends the first few rehearsals working together as a team. The ensemble cast does character building, movement work,vocal exercises and script read throughs long before we begin to cast.

 Everyone is guaranteed a part in a registered production.

First and foremost, actOUT! is a teaching theatre. We maximize stage time for the performers by providing opportunities to portray multiple roles. We double cast our shows giving greater opportunity to the company. 

Participants are encouraged to contribute in other ways (assisting stage crew, mentoring other participants, building sets and costumes, etc.). We build a full team effort!

Registered Productions for 2017-2018

The 2017-2018 season offers a number of opportunities and challenges for our young company of actors, from mini-producitons to full scale musicals.

Suessical Kids(musical) (for ages 5-10)
September-June Mini-Production
*30 spaces
Tuition $490.00

Fiddler on the Roof (musical) (for ages 10-17)
*30 spaces
Tuition $565.00

A Midsummer Night's Dream  (play) (for ages10-17)
*25 spaces
Tuition $565.00

Lion King Jr. (Musical)  (for ages10-17)
*30 spaces
Tuition $565.00 

Auditioned Productions 

At actOUT! an auditioned production means that hopeful participants will go through an audition process and may or may not be cast in the show.

Our "Senior Intensive" productions present slightly more difficult material and create a greater challenge in the rehearsal process. Participants are often expected to have experienced theatre and drama work before and will be more familiar with working on the stage. First timers are welcome to try, but generally this is an experience for the "old hands" from the company.

Since actOUT! is often the first time for many participants going through the audition process we try to minimize the stress by auditioning at least two people at at time. We try to make the stress of the audition a learning experience to be cherished, rather than a challenge to be overcome and forgotten.

Each senior intensive is different. When an actor signs up for an audition they will be sent audition requirements and information to prepare for the audition day.

The Crucible (Drama)  (for ages10-17)
November-February (Auditions in October)
*20 spaces
Tuition $565.00