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The premier school for drama and theatrical training
of students in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region

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Believe   |   Belong   |   Become

Does your child need to come out of their shell?

Do they need a positive outlet for all their outgoing energy?

Do you want to build skills that will last a lifetime?

ActOUT! is your solution!

Come celebrate our 22nd season of providing excellence in theatrical training and performance arts experiences for children & youth. We Build Positive Self Esteem & Transferable skills that last a lifetime!

Join the journey today so your child(ren) can learn to BELIEVE in themselves, BELONG to a supportive team and BECOME the person you know they are deep down inside!

Invest in their future

ActOUT! is a positive way to invest in your children now and for their future.

Through our work your child:

  • learns to understand who they truly are
  • builds skills in acting
  • advances talents in singing
  • develops skills in movement
  • fosters important public speaking & performing skills
  • establishes team effort skills
  • develops problem solving skills
  • promotes themselves in a healthy way
  • mentors others

And develops a lifelong an appreciation of the arts

"Gabe's first experience with actOUT! has been an absolutely positively amazing one! He has found his passion and in his own words, "I have finally found somewhere where I feel I really fit in." Those words struck a cord in my heart and I owe it all to the wonderful people and cast members at actOUT! Thank you for being so welcoming and encouraging with Gabe, I hope this is the start of a wonderful journey!" - The Choghri family

Through healthy vocal development and an understanding body language as a part of communication our students learn to develop a healthy self esteem, a positive self-image and confidence that will  last a lifetime! Believe! Belong! Become!

"I think this has been one of the girls' most wonderful experiences in life! Thanks again for all of it!"- Catherine
"It's funny how the experience of becoming someone else on stage has allowed my children to discover who they really are at the core. They have each emerged from this experience with a renewed sense and greater courage to share their unique selves with the world!" - L. Cook


During bad weather and we have to cancel it will be announced on 570 news storm centre and an email will be sent out to the families.